Conquer the disaster with pooling efforts - CR Chem-Mat grasps both fight against the epidemic and production with firm hands

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the majority of cadres and employees in various positions of CR Chem-Mat have become united and stick to the front line, devoting themselves to ensuring the health and safety of the employees, stable operation, and smooth logistics, keeping firm hands on both the epidemic control and production, and contributing to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control resolutely.

Establishing an epidemic prevention working group and strictly implement epidemic prevention requirements

After the occurrence of the epidemic, the leading group for epidemic prevention and control head by the general manager of CR Chem-Mat personally and composed by the Party Committee and management members of the Company was quickly established; it released the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Plan of CR Chem-Mat" to strictly implement the various epidemic prevention requirements of the Group and the local government. Now each affiliated company has established an epidemic prevention and control working group, with the leading cadres and Party Members took the lead in duty. All relevant personnel, through video conferences and “WeChat Group on Epidemic Prevention Work”, interpret policies, share information and resources and follow up on the implementation of various epidemic prevention measures and the real-time dynamic changes of various data.

Guaranteeing logistics support to ensure health and safety of employees

The company thoroughly disinfects and cleans common areas such as factory areas, office areas, shuttle buses, dormitories, canteens, etc., increasing the frequency of such actions in areas with large flow of people; applies disinfection registration requirements and making visual records in each place for disinfection. After occurrence of the epidemic, the Company quickly implement the requirements that no employee is allowed to work without temperature measurement. At the same time, meal supply pattern is changed by replacing centralized dining with packaged and scattered dining, thus to reduce the risk of cross-infection.

The Company is a continuous production enterprise. In order to protect the health and safety of employees in production, the Company tries its best to purchase emergency materials in short supply. The front-line cadres and employees adopt scientific methods to make disinfectant solution on their own and spontaneously purchase masks, disinfectant solution, and forehead thermometers through various channels, which fully embodies the cohesiveness and centripetal force to conquer the disaster with pooling efforts.

Strengthen epidemic prevention propaganda and care for the mental health of the employees

In response to the various epidemic-related notices and systems issued by the Company, the epidemic prevention working group conscientiously answers and collects questions, opinions and suggestions of the employees. Through the corporate EIP portal and WeChat public account, the working group continues to publish the corporate epidemic prevention and control information, production resumption, epidemic prevention knowledge, mental health knowledge, and employees' thoughts on the epidemic, providing positive psychological guidance for the employees.

Guaranteeing operation resumption with every effort

Affected by the epidemic, subsidiaries of CR Chem-Mat generally face difficulties and challenges such as insufficient labor, poor logistics, and inability to execute orders. Facing the epidemic situation, the factory cadres and employees have sacrificed the rest time in the case of insufficient personnel, and continuously worked hard to arrange the transfer of production to reduce the production burden, ensure smooth materials schedule and production safety. Up to now, the overall work resumption rate of employees has reached 99.75%.

Since transportation was restricted during the epidemic, auxiliary materials including shovel plates, packaging bags etc could not be delivered to the Company. The procurement, sales, and production departments optimized the supply chain management by  effectively utilizing the S&OP mechanism with regard to the existing inventory and orders, re-scheduled the production, supply and marketing plans, stabilized the operation, and minimized the impact of the epidemic on normal operations.

In the face of the epidemic, everyone of CR Chem-Mat has been struggling to win the battle. The epidemic will eventually fade away. With this battle, CR Chem-Mat will greet the future opportunities and challenges with stronger cohesion and combat power.