Wang Xiangming, General Manager of CR Group, led the team to Zhuhai CR Chem-Mat to survey the work for epidemic prevention and control and work resumption

Date:2020-06-30Source:Unknown 【 Font:big central smal

On April 3, Wang Xiangming, General Manager of China Resources Group, and Wang Chuandong, Deputy General Manager of the Group, visited Zhuhai CR Chem-Mat, surveyed and instructed for the work on production resumption and epidemic prevention and control. Zhu Zhenda, General Manager of CR Chem-Mat, and  Cui Fengxiang, General Manager of Zhuhai CR Chem-Mat, accompanied in the survey.

General Manager Wang Xiangming and his team went to the front line of production, visited the DCS central control room and laboratory of Zhuhai CR Chem-Mat, and the construction site of the third-phase PET project under construction; debriefed epidemic prevention and control measure implementation of CR Chem-Mat, including employee access management, temperature measurement, personal protection, materials for epidemic prevention and control and isolation measures etc., the resumption of production, as well as the main impact by the epidemic to the Company.

General Manager Wang Xiangming fully affirmed the efforts made by CR Chem-Mat in the epidemic prevention and control work and the results achieved in production resumption. He proposed that the next step of  CR Chem-Mat for epidemic prevention and control work should focus on epidemic prevention and control work with the critical posts, critical links, and critical personnel; attention should be focused on the impact on the Company at two time points (April 22 and May 6) after the unblocking of Wuhan on April 8; the epidemic prevention and control work must be improved, detailed, thorough without relaxation in thought while with high standards and strict implementation of actions. He emphasized that the Company's production and sales are booming, and the situation is getting better. The next step is to ensure development and that the third phase of the project is completed as scheduled, strengthen employee care activities, and pay attention to guaranteeing the materials for prevention against high weather temperature.