Tribute to the Heroes, Remember the Heroes

Date:2020-06-30Source:Unknown 【 Font:big central smal

- Affiliated companies of CR Chem-Mat carry out activities to mourn the martyrs and deceased compatriots who died in the epidemic struggle

In order to express the deep condolences to the martyrs and deceased compatriots who died in the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, according to the announcement issued by the State Council, the affiliated companies of CR Chem-Mat carried out the mourning activities at 10:00 a.m. on April 4th by lowering the flag and holding a mourning ceremony, mourning the sacrificed martyrs and deceased countrymen with deep grief. The employees of the subsidiaries of the Company stood in silent tribute in the workplace to express deep respect for the sacrificed martyrs and infinite grief for the deceased compatriots; also expressed the determination of all the people of CR Chem-Mat to win the victory against the epidemic and the determination and confidence to contribute to prosperity of the motherland.