I. Measures for wastewater control and treatment
1. Incineration with thermo - coal furnace technically reconstructed.
2. Oxidation to be CO2 and water with precision metal catalyst, emission free of pollutants;
3. Collected to water spray tower for treatment with spray and high-point combustion.
4. Apply dedusting with desulfurizing process with double-alkali method to ensure the exhaust gas emitted up to standard.

II. Wastewater control measures
  Collected process wastewater, domestic sewerage and early runoff are treated in the pretreatment wastewater plant in the factory, then drained to the municipal wastewater treatment plant via the district sewage pipe network for collective treatment. Clean wastewater will be directly drained to the stormwater network of the industrial park; desulfurization wastewater will be recycled. 

III. Noise control measures
  Noise within the boundary of the factory is controlled to be up to standard through comprehensive measures as vibration reduction, sound insulation, plant shielding, distance attenuation, and landscaping etc.

IV. Solid wastes treatment
General solid wastes will be utilized comprehensively;
Hazardous solid wastes will be incinerated by special units commissioned.
Domestic garbage will be collected by environment protection department.
Waste molecular sieve from PSA nitrogen generation system will be recycled by the supplier.