CR BRGHT BRAND “CR—8839”Bottle-grade PET Chip

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Product features:
   CR BRGHT BRAND “CR—8839” Bottle-grade PET Chip is a special-purpose product for hot filling bottle manufacturing aiming at the specific processing and use requirements of hot filling bottles. It is featured with good color value, low aldehyde content, and stable viscosity. When being heat-setting processed under general work conditions of the general bottle-making machines as SIPA, SIDEL, ASB etc, the product can have such advantages as induction rate of orientation, stable crystallization performance, even wall thickness, and low residual stress of the overall bottle after stress release for its advanced formula and process conditions. Besides, the product has low heat shrinkage rate, high filling temperature, and high rates of finished products; it is also highly remarked in the recent two years for using with domestic machines.