About Us

I. Core Concept System of CR Chem-Mat

(I) Corporate Vision: be an internationally competitive and outstanding enterprise in the field of polymer materials.

The corporate vision reveals the long-term goal of CR Chem-Mat to be an international new chemical material leader through continuously promoting technological innovation, deepening development in the field of new polymer materials, and constantly exploring overseas layout.

(II) Corporate Mission: providing new polymer materials through continuous exploration and innovation; committed to creating value for customers and promoting living standard, thus maximizing the value of the shareholders and employees.

The corporate mission reveals the purpose and significance of the existence of CR Chem-Mat. We create healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products and more value for our customers, shareholders and employees with our products.

(III) Corporate spirit:  Pragmatism, Professionalism, Synergy, Dedication
Pragmatism is the work style of the people of CR Chem-Mat that values the importance of hard work, practice and openness.

Professionalism is the work attitude of the people of CR Chem-Mat aims for keeping improving, pursuing excellence, high efficiency and high quality.

Synergy is an organizational capability from which the people of CR Chem-Mat trust with each other, corporate in win-win achievements with openness and tolerance. 

Dedication is the spirit of the people of CR Chem-Mat to focus on dedication, responsibility and passion.

(IV) Corporate Values: Integrity, Performance Driven, Human Oriented, Constant Innovation

(1) Integrity 
 Integrity is fundamental to the development of CR Chem-Mat.

(2) Performance-Driven

Performance-driven is the support for the development and growth of CR Chem-Mat.

(3) Human Oriented

Human-oriented is the tenet for the value creation of CR Chem-Mat.

(4) Constant Innovation

Innovation development is the driving force for the sustainable development of CR Chem-Mat.

(V) Corporate Development Philosophy: Make It Solid, Make It Stronger, Make It Bigger, Make It Good, Make It Longer

Make It Solid: The Company shall operate in compliance with laws and regulations, continuously strengthen the building of the management and control system, realize standardization, transparency and specialization of management decisions, and enhance the quality and efficiency of development in line with the principle of honesty and trustworthiness.

Make It Stronger: Strive to be the leader of the industry and lead the progress of the new chemical material industry in terms of key economic and technical indicators, capital return levels, operational efficiency, product competitiveness, brand influence and capital market position.

Make It Bigger: Strive to reach the leading level in the field of new chemical materials in terms of scale of operation and market share, having significant influence on new chemical material industry.

Make It Good: Create a team of excellence, loyalty, and responsibility; achieve excellent performance, be brave to shoulder social responsibilities, and strive for the best in every aspect with first-class services, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products, and create a good brand reputation.

Make It Longer: Always keep exploring, bravely go beyond ourselves, strengthen innovation ability, form core competitiveness, continuously consolidate market advantages, and form a business model with long-lasting vitality.

II. Philosophy system of the execution team of CR Chem-Mat 

(I) Corporate safety philosophy: Priceless Life, Safety Foremost

Life is only once for everyone; we should respect and cherish life. CR Chem-Mat always stresses on: safety first, prevention first; safety is the essential need and inevitable requirement of production and operation. The enterprise can develop in a sustainable, sound, and harmonious way only when the life safety of employees, normal operation of equipment and facilities are guaranteed.

(II) Corporate talent philosophy: Make Best Use of Talents, Advance Together

CR Chem-Mat regards talents as the first resource of an enterprise, regards relying on talents as the basic premise of enterprise development, deems respecting talents as the fundamental guideline of enterprise development, and takes the common development of enterprises and employees as the fundamental task of talent strategy. In human resources practice activities, CR Chem-Mat strives to provide all employees with a stage to give full display to their talents to make the best use of talents. At the same time, the enterprise, through various effective ways, continuously improves its human resource management level and the comprehensive quality of talents, promoting common development of enterprises and employees.

(III) Corporate marketing philosophy: Creating Value for Customers with the Best Products and Services

CR Chem-Mat adheres “creating value for customers”, advocating beyond the simple trading connotation in business activities to create unique value for customers, striving to achieve win-win achievement and making customers a long-term partner for development of the enterprise.

(IV) Clean corporate governance philosophy: Self-cultivation, Morality, and Honesty

Self-cultivation: to improve the overall quality of ourselves by continuously learning and mastering professional skills;

Morality: to strengthen our own moral integrity and establish good morality.

Honesty: to strictly abide by the Party discipline, state laws, and corporate rules and regulations; strengthen self-discipline and integrity, and work in a clean manner to leave good reputation among the masses.

 (V) Corporate quality philosophy: quality, the root of the Company

CR Chem-Mat adheres to creating value and promoting harmony with quality. Good product quality can drive the Company to prosper while poor quality puts the Company into recession. Especially as a raw material supplier in the food packaging industry, our quality is related to the health and safety of countless of people and households. Therefore, we strictly control the quality of each process no matter in the workshop or during transportation, finally to achieve customer satisfaction with our top quality.

(VI) Corporate product philosophy: Continuous Innovation, Never Stop Progress

Continuous innovation in product technology is the source and driving force for the survival and development of CR Chem-Mat. The most competitive products and core technologies are indispensable for creating the most competitive and outstanding enterprises. CR Chem-Mat always supports innovations in technology, management, systems, and the environment. The Company holds an attitude of understanding, tolerance and encouragement towards failures in innovation work, striving to make innovation a spirit and fashion in CR Chem-Mat for continuous supply of high-tech products.

(VII) Corporate operation philosophy: Continuous Optimization, Pursuing Excellence

The linkage mechanism of seamless integration of production, supply and sales is a unique model for good operation of CR Chem-Mat. We will continue to tap the potential, persevere and strive for excellence and pursue a better operation pattern.